Schools in network using a modern writing tool in math education

The network is trying to promote IT integration in math teaching.

In order to achieve this we are using existing tools: Mathcad and Smartsketch, together these two programs forms a complete mathematical wordpublisher.

Papers from my ICME-10 workshop. You'll need Mathcad on you PC in order to read them:
ICME introduction
ICME exercises

Notes for the workshop

The participants began their work with very different goals and in very different ways. The only instructions were:
Teach the way you would without the tool, but promise to let the pupils use Mathcad and Smartsketch..
Since then many things have changed.

The network began as a collaboration between Steen Groðe, Frederiksberg College of Education and Søren Hansen, PUC in Høje Taastrup as a result over many years of despair at the situation.
In spring 2003 we succeded in assemble some teachers with pioneer spirit to break new ground and blaze a trail.

The participating teachers are:
Lene Mølgaard, Rønnevangsskolen
Marina Lindhart, Østervangsskolen
Heidi Yoma Rasmussen, Torstorp Skole
Flemming Nielsen, SPF
Sofie Fjeldsted Olsen, Møllegårdskolen
Allan Carlsen, Ramløse skole
Thomas Villum Jakobsen, Hedelyskolen
Marcus Dietrich, Endrupskole,
Christina Skovgaard Petersen, Vigersted skole

Pages in Danish about this project.



The logo sketch a solution to a well known mathematical problem for children which traditionally is considered unsolvable. The logo shows that you can get a little further with the right tools.
This illustration is of course done in Mathcad.

Beside the teachers also some student teachers participate:
Kim Jørgensen (Frb. Sem), Thomas Ulrich (KDAS) og Johannes Toftdal (Jelling Sem)